When It Is Time

Now is the best time to learn about hospice care and ask questions regarding what to expect from our services. Although end-of-life care can be difficult to discuss, it’s better for family members to share their wishes long before it becomes a concern. This can greatly reduce stress during times that are already difficult. Having these discussions in advance helps avoid forcing patients into uncomfortable situations. Instead, patients can make an educated decision that includes the advice and input of family members and loved ones.

The earlier that care begins, the more time the patient and their loved ones have to benefit from hospice services. We work directly with your current physician for the most personalized plan of care. Most families decide to call when a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal illness, which broadly means their life expectancy is six months or less. Improved or recovered patients will be reevaluated after six months to determine if continued services are required. Recovered patients can always be readmitted later if the need arises.

Compassionate Care With Dignity

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